Julia on Windows behind a Firewall.

I work on a Windows machine behind a corporate firewall during the day. It’s not optimal, but @rlnel kindly passed this information on to me, which has made the situation far more tolerable.

If your firewall blocks SSH then do the following in the command shell:

$ git config -global url."https://github.com/".insteadOf git@github.com:

That’ll tell git to use HTTPS rather than SSH.

I also had some issues with Julia installing packages onto a network drive. To ensure that they are installed onto your C: drive:

julia> ENV["HOMEDRIVE"] = "C:"
julia> ENV["HOME"] = "C:\\Users\\userName";
julia> Pkg.init()

Obviously you need to substitute something appropriate for userName.

If you want to make those changes permanent, enter them in a .juliarc.jl file on the network drive.