Talks about Bots

Seth Juarez and Matt Winkler having an informal chat about bots.

Matt Winkler talking about Bots as the Next UX: Expanding Your Apps with Conversation at the Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit (2016).

At the confluence of the rise in messaging applications, advances in text and language processing, and mobile form factors, bots are emerging as a key area of innovation and excitement. Bots (or conversation agents) are rapidly becoming an integral part of your digital experience: they are as vital a way for people to interact with a service or application as is a web site or a mobile experience. Developers writing bots all face the same problems: bots require basic I/O, they must have language and dialog skills, and they must connect to people, preferably in any conversation experience and language a person chooses. This code-heavy talk focuses on how to solve these problems using the Microsoft Bot Framework, a set of tools and services to easily build bots and add them to any application. We’ll cover use cases and customer case studies for enhancing an application with a bot, and how to build a bot, focusing on each of the key problems: how to integrate with various messaging services, how to connect to users, and how to process language to understand the user’s intent. At the end of this talk, developers will be equipped to get started adding bots to their applications, understanding both the fundamental concepts as well as the details of getting started using the Bot Framework.