Favourite Talks from useR 2017


RQGIS: Integrating R with QGIS for Innovative Geocomputing (Jannes Muenchow)

Exploring and presenting maps with tmap (Martijn Tennekes)

Maps are data, so why plot data on a map? (Mark Padgham)

Geospatial Visualization using R (Bhaskar V. Karambelkar)

Spatial Data in R: New Directions (Edzer Pebesma)

mapedit - interactive manipulation of spatial objects (Tim Appelhans)

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics with R (Stephanie Kovalchik)

Sports Betting and R: How R is Changing the Sports Betting World (Marco Blume)


OMPR: An Alternative Way to Model Mixed-Integer Linear Programs (Dirk Schumacher)


The data.table Package (Arun Srinivasan)

Rcpp: From Simple Examples to Machine Learning (Dirk Eddelbuettel)

jug: Building Web APIs for R (Bart Smeets)

Parallel Computing

Parallel Computation in R: What We Want, and How We (Might) Get It (Norman Matloff)

Introduction to Parallel Computing with R (Hana Ševčíková)


Scraping data with rvest and purrr (Max Humber)


Teaching data science to new useRs (Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel)

Data Carpentry: Teaching Reproducible Data Driven Discovery (Francois Michonneau)

Data Carpentry: Open and Reproducible Research with R (Francois Michonneau & Tracy K. Teal)

Containers & Cloud

Stream processing with R in AWS (Gergely Daroczi)

Automatically archiving reproducible studies with Docker (Daniel Nüst)

Clouds, Containers and R, towards a global hub for reproducible and collaborative data science (Karim Chine)

Rc2: an Environment for Running R and Spark in Docker Containers (Jim Harner)