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Andrew B. Collier

I am a Physicist and a Data Scientist. I work on a diverse range of projects, mostly in R and Python, although I dabble in a range of other technologies. I enjoy public speaking and delivering training. I strive to make data and code more accessible, taking complex concepts and breaking them down into smaller, digestible units.

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Trundler gathers price data from a range of online retailers using a sophisticated set of scrapers. These data are accessible via an API which has clients for both R and Python. The data from Trundler have been used for academic, commercial and regulatory applications.

Tech: Python with Scrapy and Selenium/Splash for dynamic content; PostgreSQL; Flask for API; Slack integration for alerting; Hugo for blog.
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The {emayili} package provides a simple, tidyverse-compliant interface for sending emails from R. It is lightweight, avoiding some of the bulky dependencies associated with other similar packages.

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A wrapper for the Binance API, enabling automated cryptocurrency trading from R.

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A wrapper for the Filebin API, making it possible to create and manage ephemeral file shares from R.