Standard Bank: Striving for Mediocrity

Recently I was in my local Standard Bank branch. After finally reaching the front of the queue and being helped by a reasonably courteous young man, I was asked if I would mind filling out a survey. Sure. No problem. I had been in the bank for 30 minutes, I could probably afford another 30 seconds.

And then I was handed this abomination:

Survey conducted by Standard Bank showing biased scoring scheme.

So, if I was deliriously satisfied with the service that I had received, then I would award them a 10. If I was neither impressed nor dismayed, I would give them a 9. But if I was not happy at all, then I would give them an 8.

Let me repeat that so that the horror sinks in: if I was completely dissatisfied with their service then I would give them an 8! Out of 10. That’s 80%.

80% for shoddy service!

Whoever is managing this little piece of supposed market research should be ashamed. What a load of rubbish.