Remote Access to Neo4j on Windows

Accessing the Neo4j server running on your local machine is simple: just point your browser to http://localhost:7474/. But with the default configuration the server is not accessible from other machines. This means that other folk can share in the wonder of your nodes edges.

Enabling remote access is simple.

  1. Shut down your running Neo4j server.
  2. Press the Options button, which will bring up a dialog like this: Neo4j configuration dialog.
  3. Press the top Edit button, which will open the neo4j.conf file in an editor.
  4. Browse to the HTTP Connector section and add a dbms.connector.http.address entry.
# HTTP Connector
# dbms.connector.http.address={default.http.port}

Your server will now be available to other machines via port 7474. From the local machine it’ll still be at http://localhost:7474/.

The above solution works (at least) for Neo4j 3.0.4.