Creating a S3 Bucket

There are many good reasons to use S3 (Simple Storage Service) storage. This is a quick overview of how to create a S3 bucket.

Creating the S3 Bucket

To create a S3 bucket go to the S3 Management Console. Press the Create bucket button.

Choose a name for the bucket and select a region. If you have existing EC2 instances then it makes sense to select the same location. Press the Next button.

You can choose to apply Versioning, Logging or Tags to the bucket. But for the moment we’ll just skip over those and press the Next button.

You can also have rather fine grained control over access permissions. But, again, we’ll accept the defaults and simply press the Next button.

Finally review your choices and if everything is at it should be then press the Create bucket button.

The newly created bucket should then appear on your bucket list (this is the other type of bucket list!).

You can also create the bucket using the AWS CLI interface.