R Package for @racently

I recently wrote about an API for @racently. The next logical step was to build a package which wraps the API so that the data can easily be pulled into R.

The package is available here. It is still very much a work in progress: the API only exposes two endpoints, but both of them are wrapped in the package.


Install using {devtools}.


Searching for Athletes

The search_athlete() function makes it possible to search for an athlete by name using regular expressions for pattern matching.

Suppose I wanted to find athletes with the surname “Mann”.

                                     id        slug         name gender nationality        twitter parkrun strava
1  016d0a83-1fc4-4613-81cb-ad3f09abac5e        <NA>   Garry Mann      M        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
2  311aeaa2-155f-4566-a9fd-cf30afd67b16        <NA>    Alec Mann      M          ZA           <NA>      NA     NA
3  3207bed9-3dd4-42e7-aee5-c0a0347295c8        <NA> Michael Mann      M        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
4  3c22a177-d03e-41c7-be31-a2bc77b2c61c        <NA>   Kevin Mann      M          ZA           <NA>      NA     NA
5  52d681ea-8229-47ce-99ab-a4425b4dbcf0        <NA>  Thomas Mann      M        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
6  7ebe5ce2-6067-48d5-9c68-5f8167d6ab6e        <NA>   Julie Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
7  8437fcc7-3a38-4ecb-8708-82d148ea3368        <NA>   Angie Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
8  94d8f1e6-4850-4708-8f70-3210b45d3bde        <NA>   Helen Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
9  bdd0716a-cbda-4c2e-8ef1-d5baab63ecfd        <NA> Patrick Mann      M        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
10 bebc042f-ad26-40f3-99d2-61a65e0296a2        <NA>   Zeldi Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
11 d4cf93a6-69b4-40c4-949e-8444da403e17        <NA>   Peter Mann      M          ZA           <NA>      NA     NA
12 d676cb99-f272-4e9a-be04-fb6ec0aa7245        <NA>   Steve Mann      M          ZA           <NA>      NA     NA
13 d9897020-6e62-47c4-8481-ecbd19ddad12        <NA>  Nicola Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
14 d9cc374d-521a-48bb-86dd-3ec6f05ef59f stuart-mann  Stuart Mann      M        <NA> runningmann100      NA     NA
15 df571960-0451-4cba-8483-17ccb4704680        <NA>     Kim Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
16 e3c1dcc1-c783-4629-891b-f2e5a21daa87        <NA>  Joanne Mann      F        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
17 e4417318-66ef-42e3-b9f7-6a241b550e74        <NA>    Jack Mann      M        <NA>           <NA>      NA     NA
18 f2e9074c-ca75-4a99-b89d-07d377836c21        <NA>     Roy Mann      M          ZA           <NA>      NA     NA
19 f753bf50-4637-4cfb-89f6-efde8563ceff        <NA>    Luke Mann      M          ZA           <NA>      NA     NA

We see that the somewhat legendary @runningmann100, Stuart Mann, is among the list of results.

Athlete Details

The athlete() function allows you to find the results for a specific athlete, specified by id (from the results above).

[1] "Stuart Mann"

[1] "M"

   date       race                      distance time     club                  license
 1 2019-06-09 Comrades                  86.8 km  09:53:23 Fourways Road Runners      NA
 2 2019-02-09 Klerksdorp                42.2 km  03:54:09 NA                         NA
 3 2018-11-24 Josiah Gumede             42.2 km  04:20:21 Fourways Road Runners    3388
 4 2018-10-28 Sapphire Coast            42.2 km  04:27:23 Fourways Road Runners    3388
 5 2018-09-02 Vaal River City           42.2 km  04:21:54 Fourways Road Runners    3388
 6 2018-06-10 Comrades                  90.2 km  10:15:52 Fourways Road Runners    3388
 7 2018-05-20 RAC                       10.0 km  01:14:21 Fourways Road Runners    3388
 8 2018-03-25 Umgeni Marathon           42.2 km  04:20:04 Fourways Road Runners    3388
 9 2018-03-10 Kosmos 3-in-1             42.2 km  04:18:51 NA                         NA
10 2018-02-25 Maritzburg                42.2 km  04:31:38 Fourways Road Runners    3388
11 2017-12-03 Heroes Marathon           42.2 km  04:28:06 Fourways Road Runners    3388
12 2017-11-05 Soweto Marathon           42.2 km  04:41:24 Fourways Road Runners    3388
13 2017-09-17 Cape Town Marathon        42.2 km  04:25:06 Fourways Road Runners    3388
14 2017-06-04 Comrades                  86.7 km  10:40:59 Fourways Road Runners    3388
15 2017-04-01 Arthur Cresswell Memorial 52.0 km  05:27:19 Fourways Road Runners    3388
16 2017-03-26 Gaterite Challenge        42.2 km  04:14:54 Fourways Road Runners    3388
17 2016-05-29 Comrades                  89.2 km  10:19:06 Fourways Road Runners    9120
18 2016-05-01 Deloitte Challenge        42.2 km  04:15:53 Team Vitality              NA
19 2016-04-24 Chatsworth Freedom        52.0 km  05:36:06 Fourways Road Runners    9120
20 2015-08-30 Mandela Day               42.2 km  04:48:16 Fourways Road Runners      NA
21 2015-01-25 Johnson Crane Hire        42.2 km  04:28:35 Fourways Road Runners      NA
22 2009-08-09 Mtunzini Bush             16.0 km  01:31:07 Fourways Road Runners    9120
23 2009-05-24 Comrades                  89.2 km  08:45:43 Fourways Road Runners    9120
24 2008-11-28 Sani Stagger              42.2 km  05:25:19 Fourways Road Runners      NA

The results include name, gender and the details of all of the relevant results in the system. As Stuart has pointed out, there are many results missing from his profile (he ticks off a marathon pretty much every weekend), but hey, like I said, this is a work in progress.


We’ll be working hard to add more race results over the coming months (and cleaning up some of the existing data). There are also plans to expose more functionality on the API, which in turn will filter through to the R package.