Rendering an R Markdown Presentation to GitLab Pages

I’m busy preparing slides for the Why R? conference using the brilliant {xaringan} package along with {xaringanthemer} to tweak the styles. There are plots rendered into the document as well as static images.

I wanted to publish the presentation using GitLab Pages. My first attempt left me with no styles or images, but after a few iterations I had something that works.

This is the contents of my .gitlab-ci.yml file:

image: rocker/verse:4.0.0

  - R -e "install.packages('xaringanthemer')"

  stage: deploy
  - Rscript -e "rmarkdown::render('talk.Rmd', output_file = 'index.html')"
  - mkdir public
  - cp index.html xaringan-themer.css public/
  - cp -r index_files/ fig/ public/
    - public
  - master
  interruptible: true

GitLab Pages expects the content to be found in the public/ folder. To ensure that the paths to images (static and rendered) are correct, I render the Rmd in the current folder and then copy everything across into public/.

Hopefully this will save you the 30 minutes it took me to figure this all out.