Weekly Digest

A short week for me since I’m travelling. A small sample of highlights:

AWS Bedrock Models

— AWS Bedrock is growing! It now provides access to Meta’s Llama 2 Chat 13B and Cohere’s text generation and representation models.


— There are various algorithms for finding the optimal path between two locations on a map. Jan Pánek has created an interactive tool for visualising how these algorithms work. Choose two locations and then see how the algorithm explores routing options. Source code is available here and the tool itself is deployed using GitHub Pages.
Finding the optimal route between two locations in Vallette, Malta.

Development Containers

— A talk from Brigit Murtaugh at GitKon 2022. Dev containers can be used in GitHub Code Spaces and VS Code, and provide a consistent, fully-featured development environment. I’ve been aware of this technology for a while. Just need to find the time and motivation to give it a try.