Weekly Digest

A few things that caught my attention this week:


— Google DeepMind has announced Gemini 1.0, a LLM which performs well compared to GPT-4 on various text and multimodal (image, video and audio) benchmarks. It also performs well in several coding benchmarks. The model comes in three sizes: Ultra, Pro and Nano. Gemini Pro has already been integrated into Bard (so give it a whirl immediately!) and Gemini Ultra will form part of Bard Advanced from early next year. More details on the model can be found in the technical report.
Performance of Gemini compared to GPT-4 on a selection of benchmarks.

Docker’s Generative AI & Machine Learning Stack

— A tag-team talk from DockerCon 2023 demonstrating a containerised stack for building Generative AI models.

Setting up a Minecraft Server on EC2

— I’m personally not very interested in Minecraft, but I have an offspring who is positively obsessed. This detailed tutorial looks like a useful weekend project. It shows how to create and secure an EC2 instance, then automate download and setup of the Minecraft server, and finally how to change world files and configure the game server.

Selenium 4.16

Selenium 4.16 was released on 6 December 2023. Updated Docker images are already available.

Typical Airliner Seating Chart

— Having spent a lot of time in planes (and waiting for planes!) in the last two weeks I find this very apt. Take a look at the explanation for further discussion.
XKCD comic 'Typical Airliner Seating Chart'.